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Math Nite

Do You Like Math?   Do you want to do some math not taught in School?  Then come out to  Math Nite!   Math Nite is an interactive event for students in grades 7 through 12 who want to try more challenging mathematics (usually outside of the common curriculum).


This academic year the sessions will run every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm starting on September 21st until December 7th, then after the break, January 18th to April 12th, 2017.

All sessions take place in the Math Sciences Building (at the University of Calgary) in Room 431.

Faculty Contacts

Interested in information about math Contents?  Please click here.

What Is It?

During the University fall and winter terms, some of the enthusiastic mathematics professors and students at the University of Calgary offer weekly informal math sessions intended for students who like mathematics, do well in it and might like to try some problems or see some mathematics outside the school curriculum.

We and have been doing this for some years; our sessions generally attract between 10 and 15 students, especially at the beginning of the term.

The sessions are aimed at suitable students in grades nine to twelve, although exceptional and sufficiently mature students from earlier grades are welcome (and in fact we usually have a number of bright grade 7 or 8 students in the group). A good guideline is that any student attending our sessions should already have knowledge of basic algebra.

We ask that younger students be accompanied by a teacher or parent; in any case, parents and teachers are always welcome to observe (and take part in?) our sessions.

What We Do

In these sessions we often present problems that encourage experimentation and/or collaboration. In general, our sessions do not depend on each other. A student can attend at any time and not be "lost'' or "behind''.

We do NOT teach mathematics that students would see in their school courses, either in their grade or in later grades. (In particular, we are not a remedial service.) The students learn math from us that is not covered by school curriculum at all.

If you know of students who would enjoy our sessions, please encourage them to attend at least once.

How You Can Join Us

Please call ahead!!    Sessions may be cancelled due to insufficient participation.

Occasionally a teacher will bring a group of students to one of our sessions as an "outing''.  We encourage this!

However, it would be convenient to get some advance notice, say the day before, if the group is larger than two or three students. Phone or e-mail one of us (see contacts listed above), or fax us at 403-282-5150. Smaller groups, or individual students, need not "register'' or give us any advance notice.